Gaui has been spending the summer in Iceland and Hanna in Berlin but now it's time for the gang to get together for some concerts in August. These are the dates:


17.08.2017 - Tonfink, Lübeck

19.08.2017 - Tatort Hawaii, Kiel/Stein

21.08.2017 - Restaurant und Parkcafé Forstbaumschule Kiel




We have a new song and a video! Both are a work in progress. Some people have told us it reminds them of Twin Peaks so it's fitting we post this during the premiere of the new season. Check it out here



We will be playing two shows in Berlin in April. The one at Deriva (15th of April) will be a special duo show with Gaui and Hanna where the band will show their slightly gentler side.



We have shows coming up in Kiel and Bremen in March and hopefully more to be added. We'll be 5 on stage because Jo the drummer will join us. Live drums yay! Check out the TOUR page.




We have a show coming up at Ofen bar. We will be playing some of our old songs. In contrast we have a few new songs we will post on our Soundcloud soon.



In two days we'll play with a drummer for the first time. Tom came all the way from Australia to play with us (among a lot of other things). This is something you don't want to miss, our sound is massive! See you at Schiller. We start at 23uhr. Two other bands are playing before us. https://www.facebook.com/events/1334688019895717/



Our next concert is at Nussbreite in Wedding, Berlin on November 11th. Facebook event page



We look good in black and white



The concert at IPA bar yesterday was a blast and we have another concert coming up. This time at Nussbreite on November 11th.



Nirvana's Nevermind was released 25 years ago. But that's not the big news. We have a concert coming up on the 8th of October at IPA bar! Few more concerts will be announced in the next weeks.



We have a live video from Michael's room where we perform our new song Revolutionary Resolution



Prepare to hear a new song from us you could've never imagined was written by us. Greatly inspired by David Bowie! Probably our grooviest song so far... https://soundcloud.com/volcanovictims/revolutionary-resolution




Sophie has left the band to concentrate on her own awesome music. Michael and Leah have joined us. We are currently working on some new songs and we are excited about the summer!



We have a new song! Check out our Listen link and things will turn out all right. Happy Christmas everyone. Next year will be THE year (like we say every year).



Not much new, same old same old. Some new songs coming up. Slow process, you know how it is.



We have an exciting concert coming up at Madame Claude at 30th of October with RUSSELL SWALLOW feat. SOBI and DJ ALICE GIFT.





It's getting closer to our mini tour and we will be accompanied by lovely

Featherweights. We had a lot of fun with them on last years tour and this year

won't be any different.



We will be playing few shows in end of July in north of Germany. But tonight we are playing at Untertitel here in Berlin. This is our first proper show in over a year! Oh and we have a new member: Sophie from Leipzig. She plays guitar and synth. Oh and Hanna is playing the bass now!



The time at the cabin was productive. We have a new song for you called Post Storm.



Check out our new song Shimmering Light. Finally we make a song you can donce to!



We are currently at a cabin in Czech Republic practicing, working on songs, sitting by the fire, being scared at night when we hear strange noises from outside. If we are still alive when we return to Berlin, we will post a couple of songs for you here. Check out some of the pictures we have taken so far.



We have been quiet for the last few months but new year means new beginning and we promise we will be active this year. We are working on new songs and we will publish one of them here soon!



We made music videos to Falling and How can I get over you. It was so much fun making the video to How can I get over you. We got help from our lovely friend Anna and Hanna's dog Leo. Check out the "VIDEOS" link.



We have released our first EP! Check it out here: http://volcanovictims.bandcamp.com/



Our tour with Featherweights was a success! We had a great time and hopefully we will tour again with this awesome band. We then went to Iceland and played there for the first time. It was far from disappointing. Check out the pictures here and on our facebook.



We have added few dates to our little tour in April. We will be playing and touring with our dear darlings Featherweights. We also have a concert coming up in Iceland on 17th of May. That will be our first time we play there, even for Gaui and he's from there!



Our two last concerts with Mitsuhiro were very nice! Mitsuhiro is moving back to Japan and we will miss him a lot!



We have two concerts coming up in Berlin and two in Ghent in Belgium! Check out the TOUR link. Our concert on the 28th of February in Berlin will sadly be Mitsuhiro´s last concert with Volcano Victims before he moves back to Japan!



Happy new year! We hope 2014 will be eventful both for us and for you! Our first concert of the year will be at Oslo Kaffebar in Berlin. It was there we had our first concert back in September 2012.



We just recorded two demos! You can find them in the "LISTEN" link.



Gaui now lives in Leipzig when the rest of the band lives in Berlin. Do not worry our dear fans because Leipzig is only two hours away from Berlin so we will be meeting regularly. We even have a show coming up on 20th of December in Berlin at kusskuss. We will be playing with a Swedish band called Featherweights that we highly recommend you check out!



Now we are back home in Berlin after a successful tour to Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. We played few small and intimite concerts for nice people. Unfortunately we don't have many pictures from the trip because Gaui forgot to charge his camera (stupid him). Luckily our fans took some pictures on our shows. Check it out on our facebook page.


Now the plan is to record some more songs to put on our webpage and then the future is unknown. Perhaps a record deal? That would be nice.



We are ready for our summer tour! Check out our TOUR page and see if we play near you. We are expecting to add a show or two to the list soon.



Our first tour was very nice! First we played in Brno in Czech Republic. We were bit nervous since this was our first concert outside our home town Berlin. The crowd welcomed us with open arms and we even had to play encore but since we didn´t really have more songs to play we had to improvise. We played random chords and sang random lyrics.


The venue in Budapest was very cool but not many people showed up since we played on a Sunday. Next stop was Graz, Hanna´s home town. We sadly had to play without Mitsuhiro because he had to go back to Berlin. We played first at wacUum which was sort of a rock bar and therefore the crowd were not really into our soft stuff. The day after we played at Cuntra in front of Hanna´s friends ...that can never go wrong.


A good trip and a good lesson. In April and May we will record few demo songs and post them here on the webpage. In June we will head to Scandinavia and play on the streets and in cafes and venues. We will of course keep you posted!

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